a residential tree service in silverlake

One of the biggest perks to using a tree service is that your trees will always look their best. Whether you’re moving into a new place or you just want to spruce up your current outdoor space, it’s best to let the experts do the job. That’s because it’s safer for you and your property to leave the work to professional tree trimmers. Instead of worrying about getting hurt or damaging your home, here’s what you can expect when you hire a residential tree service in Silverlake to smarten up your yard.

Why it’s a Good Idea

Whether you’re planning to sell sometime soon or you’re staying put, one of the major advantages to using a tree service is that your outdoor space will look pruned, symmetrical and healthy. In fact, regular care of your trees ensures that all diseased or dying branches are removed so that the tree can thrive. At the same time, having your trees pruned regularly has safety advantages, including protection from injuries and less risk of damage to your home.

a residential tree service in silverlake

How it Works

Usually trees are trimmed during their dormant season, unless they are blocking the sightline of pedestrians or drivers, or they are resting against electrical lines or your property. It’s usually fine to remove small branches, those that are less than two inches in diameter. Larger ones could cause damage to the tree if removed so it’s best to have a professional do that job so it’s done in a safe and proper way. Usually the weak branches are removed and the strong ones are left, but an expert can do this in a way that looks nice so that you don’t have oddly shaped trees in your yard.

Services that Improve the Appearance of Your Trees

Often a residential tree service is called upon when there’s a problem with your tree or you have a tree that needs to be removed. However, there are some services that can be done to improve the appearance of your tree. Thinning the crown of your tree helps create even spacing between the branches and ensures that each branch, even the high ones, get the air and nutrients they need to thrive. Crown rising creates more clearance for the tree from the ground up, which is great for allowing room for people to walk beneath the tree and for getting light to plants that may be growing at the base of the tree. Removing dead or dying branches is another technique that improves the overall appearance of your trees.

You want your outdoor space to always look its best, which is why contacting a residential tree service in Silverlake is such a good idea. In addition to trees that look great, you’ll also have trees that are healthy and that you won’t have to worry about falling, causing injury to your family or damage to your home.

If you’re ready for beautiful and healthy trees in your yard, call LA’s Best Tree Service right away to get started on the job.