H.O.A. Apartments

H.O.A. is an acronym for Homeowner Associations. They require a specific type of management, which can be quite difficult as it contemplates many common areas shared by all different people. An HOA member or manager can count on a professional tree service company like LA’s Best Tree Services whenever a tree generates conflicts in such shared areas. We have the knowledge and the experience to handle this particular cases.

Our team has developed several different methods to fulfil the HOA needs. This includes the apartment’s requirements to make sure common areas are clean and safe for residents after a work is done. We know the extra care we have to take to avoid anything that disturbs people’s routines. As always, customer satisfaction and safety are our priorities.

Our H.O.A. apartments services in Silverlake, Los Feliz and Century City

LA’s Best Tree Services provide a yearly plan to improve the general health and condition of the growing trees in the property. This plan includes identifying potential dangers and liabilities generated by improper tree placement.

We know that the right pruning and care on the trees helps ease the costs of the overall work. Our experts take care of your present trees and give specific recommendations when necessary. They can tell which trees are problematic, which helps focusing on the ones that truly need care. Trees are assessed one by one for pruning or removal taking these traits in consideration:

Immediate or possible property damage
If they are ill, dying or already dead

Another concern for HOA managers is the future maintenance of the tree population, as well as the keeping the general aesthetics and potential dangers related to trees. Pruning trees is a basic priority, especially for those that need continuing maintenance. This can be accomplished in the first part of our planning. Not every tree or species need the same treatment, and they will be trimmed as long as it is necessary. On the long-term, regular trimming will help reducing all tree related costs by doing the work at once and avoid emergency works when trees and their limbs fail.

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