tree and brush removal service in silverlake

When you buy a piece of land that has been neglected and is now overgrown with trees and brush, your first thought will be to completely clear the property. Land clearance can often mean using heavy-duty land movers and will also mean calling in experts offering a tree and brush removal service in Silverlake. LA’s Best Tree Service has the experience and knowledge to be able to manage your trees and any other plants which have grown excessively due to neglect. Getting rid of these plants will help you to go one step towards having a well-maintained, pleasant piece of land.

Getting Rid Of Trees And Brush

When an area of land is neglected, wild plants will spring up all over the property. If you left your garden alone for more than a year, you would soon notice lots of saplings, grasses and other plants growing where your lawn should be. These species come from nearby properties, but without regular gardening they quickly become dominant, reducing everything to the same scrubby landscape, punctuated with a few unsuitable trees. When you first buy the property, you should start looking at the type of trees on the ground. Any large plants need the intervention of specialist tree removal experts who may also be able to help you with lower brush and bush plants. Once these larger species have been removed, you can then have a land clearing team come in to turn the ground over and remove any remaining weeds.

tree and brush removal service in silverlake

Removing Invasive Species

One of the biggest problems facing Los Angeles property owners is the rise of invasive alien species such as non-native vines and shrubs which can overrun areas very quickly. Vines, in particular, are a nuisance that cannot be ignored, since they will kill other plants, damage the soil and may pose a threat to the landscape of LA as a whole. There are some ordinances that will require you to treat and remove any of these invasive species, a measure which has been designed to combat these plants’ tendency to take over any area. When you notice these alien plants on your land, you have to call in specialists quickly to remove them, and clear out the entire tract of land. This may help to stop these weeds from spreading into the natural environment.

Call Us For Help With Land Clearance

When you are clearing your property ready for development or replanting, LA’s Best Tree Service can assist you with managing the first stage of the process. We can provide you with an efficient tree and brush removal service in Silverlake that will allow you to move quickly on to the next stage. We handle all the steps of the process, from removing trees and brush and clearing away their stumps and residual plants. With our help, you can increase the value of the property, and make it easier to clear the land thoroughly. To ask for our help today, contact us through our online message form, or call (424) 404-8557 now.