tree trimming services in century city

There are a large number of trees in Los Angeles, often planted in earlier decades and now gradually encroaching on either your property, or on those of nearby property owners. It has long been established under California law that homeowners are responsible for trees and plants under their immediate control, and that if any tree becomes a nuisance for neighbors, it is their responsibility to remove it or cut back the offending area. If you need assistance with residential tree trimming in Century City, then LA’s Best Tree Service is here to help you. We can not only provide you with trimming services, but can give you advice about how to handle these trees in the future.

Nuisances And Residential Duty

For residents of California, there is a nuisance law that requires you to limit or prevent nuisances which will adversely affect nearby properties, particularly adjoining land. If not managed, a nuisance may cause you to become liable for damage or interference with a neighbors’ rights, and this can cost you a lot of money. When it comes to plants and vegetation such as trees, a nuisance can be upheld when there is a significant encroachment onto the neighbors’ property. You are expected to handle the maintenance of trees on your own property in order to ensure that damage to people or property is avoided. If you have a problem with a tree in your yard, for example, it is partially damaged or has a large branch encroaching into your neighbor, then you need to contact LA’s Best Tree Service for advice and a tree trimming service.

tree trimming services in century city

Removing Encroaching Branches

If you have a tree that is encroaching into your neighbors’ property, that neighbor has the right to remove or trim any branches that come onto their property. You are likely to be given notice about the removal before it happens, and this may mean that you can take your own action to prevent the tree trimming company employed by your neighbor from charging you for the services. If you are given notice that your neighbor intends to trim an offending tree, then you may decide to call in LA’s Best Tree Service to perform the removal on your own terms. We can also help you to remove other branches or parts of the tree that are encroaching into your neighbors’ land.

Get Help With Tree Trimming Services

As there are so many trees in California, it is clear that there is a need for professional residential tree trimming in Century City and beyond. We provide skilled and experienced teams to manage the trimming and shaping of the tree so that it no longer encroaches onto your neighbors’ property, and can also assist you with landscaping or removal of trees on your own property. To find out more about how we can assist you with tree trimming or removal, contact us now online or call (424) 404-8557 for a free estimate today.