tree removal los feliz

Los Angeles residents have always been very lucky in the amount of greenery that surrounds their city. There are so many trees and green spaces in Los Angeles that sometimes it can be hard to remember that you are in the middle of a large, bustling city. At the center of these attractive spaces are the beautiful trees that are visible in many gardens and front yards. It is particularly important that you have plenty of trees in your garden, because they add pleasant shade to the space around them, a very useful thing to have in the height of a California summer. However, trees don’t last forever, and sometimes it is necessary to call in a team to perform a full tree removal on your Los Feliz property. This is an essential task which may actually help other trees in your garden to thrive.

tree removal los feliz

When A Big Tree Takes Over

Many trees in Los Angeles are older than the current residents, and it is no surprise that they have grown large and somewhat unwieldy. In fact, many trees in LA are now too big for the spaces where they were originally planted, as can be seen by street trees, which are often disturbing sidewalks and drains as they expand, causing them to be removed by local city councils. In your own yard, one tree may have grown beyond the reach of your other trees, often dwarfing other plants, taking too much of the water and soil nutrients to allow other trees to survive, and generally overpowering the rest of your garden.

When Big Trees Must Go

If your garden is currently being overwhelmed by a very large tree, then LA’s Best Tree Service recommends that you take steps to remove it as soon as possible. Not only is it a threat to the rest of your yard, but it could also pose a risk to nearby power lines, or even your own home. It is also important to remember that you are responsible for trees within your property line, so if a tree starts to cause damage to a neighbors yard, perhaps by forcing its roots into drains or coming dangerously close to their roof, then you will be responsible for any damage caused. If you are worried that the tree is becoming too big for your property, then removal is by far the best option.

Getting Professional Help With Your Tree

When your yard has been overtaken by a large tree, then you need to call the experts in tree removal for Los Feliz properties. At LA’s Best Tree Service, we are a professional tree management business, which includes the full removal of any tree on your property that you require. We can work with you to get rid of trees that have overtaken your yard, that pose a risk to your property, or that you want to remove for landscaping purposes. To discuss your tree removal needs with us today, call (424) 404-8557 for a free estimate now.