tree removal in silverlake

More than 50 years ago, Californian councils planted palm trees along the highways. These are now a classic part of the Los Angeles scene, providing a backdrop for films and TV shows, and becoming a familiar sight to anyone who lives in LA for any length of time. However, not everyone is a fan of these large palm trees, and there is also a problem with their maintenance, leading to many of them becoming diseased. They are prone to attract pests and diseases which not only destroy these plants, but can also affect nearby plants, leading to a row of unattractive trees. If you want to take action to stop this problem, then you can reach out to your local council, and request specialist tree removal for your Silverlake property.

tree removal in silverlake

Getting Rid Of Disease And Pests

The main reason that many homeowners choose to both for tree removal is that these palm trees are vulnerable to a number of infections and insects which have caused the trees to lose their original appeal. For example, weevils originating in South America have migrated to LA in order to eat palm trees, and there is a fungus which can leave the plant a shell, making it vulnerable to high winds and other types of disease. If you know that your tree has developed one of these problems, then you should seriously consider calling in LA’s Best Tree Service, and asking for them to remove palm trees from your garden or at the front of your home. We can assist you with the disposal of unhealthy or damaged trees in the LA area.

Taking Care Of Trees

As a homeowner, you are likely to want to have several trees in your back garden. Not only do these provide an attractive view for guests and visitors, but it will also provide shade and a hiding place for wildlife. Trees are very appealing to homeowners and can raise your property value, but it is important that they are well maintained. In order to take care of the trees in your garden, you need the help of our team to make sure that they are not only good looking, but are also safe for your garden. Regular tree trimming, for example, can provide you with shaped trees that not only enhance the look of the garden, but prevent dead branches dropping during the winter. It will also provide better stability to your tree, so that it is less likely to be blown over in high winds.

Consult With Our Team Today

Whether you need expert tree removal in Silverlake or want to find someone to help you care for and maintain trees in your yard, you need to speak to LA’s Best Tree Service. We can help you to keep your trees in good condition all year round, so talk to us today about our services, including tree removal, by contacting us online or calling us at (424) 404-8557.