improve your yard with our residential tree trimming in los feliz

Your yard should be the crown on your property, providing you and your guests with a place to relax and enjoy the sun, or to shelter in shade when the summer heat gets to be too much. If you have decided that this is the year that you will put some effort into taming your garden, then you may want to enlist the help of a company offering residential residential tree trimming Los Feliz region. When you speak to LA’s Best Tree Service, you get skilled professionals from a company with more than 40 years’ experience in LA tree management. We can help you to create a beautiful garden that is attractive all year round.

Residential Tree Trimming Los Feliz: Managing Overgrown Trees

One of the main reasons why homeowners call us is because they have a yard full of trees which have been allowed to grow unrestrained for years. What this means is that the tree is no longer growing in a straight line, as you might expect, but has started to spread out in different ways. A branch might extend at an unconventional angle, or could wrap back towards the trunk. This affects the way that the tree looks when you are viewing it from the kitchen window, and can also result in a loss of shade. In truth, the tree just looks untamed and ragged, and needs to be removed as soon as possible. When you call in our teams, we can take a look at the branches, and decide which are worth keeping and which need to be discarded to create a better-looking tree.

residential tree trimming Los Feliz

Handling Regular Trimming

Once our teams have come to your tree and made a few changes, this is not the end of the cycle. Each year, the trees that have been trimmed start to put out new shoots, and they can start to look ragged and untamed again very quickly. This is why you need the help of our teams to keep the tree in good condition, year upon year. With our help, you can start to make a big difference to the look of your yard, creating space and light where there was none before. With our regular trimming services, you can make sure that these plants don’t become a problem again.

Contact Us Today For Emergency Help

When you need assistance with residential tree trimming in Los Feliz, let LA’s Best Tree Service come to your rescue. We can quickly resolve any problems that you may have with your trees, as well as providing care for your plants and advice on how to keep them healthy during the summer and winter. Our teams are extremely experienced in managing the trees of LA, so whether you need complete removal or just a gentle trim, you can get help from us by contacting us today. You could even ask for a free quotation when you send us an online message, or just call (424) 404-8557 now.