tree removal and stump grinding Century City

Trees are an asset to every garden and business space, but they are also natural things that can sometimes get out of hand. If you want to find out more about the different options you might have when it comes to managing a difficult, overgrown tree, then you might want to talk to the team with experience in tree tree removal and stump grinding for Century City residents. LA’s Best Tree Service is here to provide you with all the help that you need to finally make your yard more manageable, and to remove the trees which are causing so many problems. If you want to know more about our services, just reach out to us today and our teams will be happy to talk to you.

Tree Removal And Stump Grinding In Century City: Removing Old Trees

Many of the trees in LA were planted during the Golden Era, and are a long-standing feature of most of the neighborhoods in the city. However, these trees are now aging and have suffered from years of neglect and lack of water. Palm trees in particular tend to dry out in the summer, and other trees may also be very vulnerable because homeowners have taken them for granted. As they age, this can mean that the trunks and branches are weaker and the whole plant is more vulnerable to problems such as disease and infestation. You may be looking at the trees in your garden and thinking that the time has probably come to remove them and replant younger, stronger trees. We can help you to get rid of any unsightly trees in your garden.

tree removal and stump grinding Century City

Getting Rid Of The Stump

When trees are removed, it is extremely common to leave a stump behind. This may be a few inches in height, but it could be a noticeable presence in the yard. If you have tried to remove the tree in order to halt the spread of disease, or to remove insects such as yellow jackets or termites, then you may be disappointed to see part of the trunk still present in the ground. To avoid this problem, and create a better look for your finished garden, we will perform a service known as stump grinding. This removes the stump which remains above the ground, making a more even finish.

Let Us Help You

What do you need when it comes to tree removal and stump grinding in Century City? If you need help with disposing of trees in your yard, then you should reach out to LA’s Best Tree Service. We are extremely experienced in the management of trees throughout the LA region, and can not only conduct safe and efficient tree removal, but will also grind down the stump to avoid insect activity and regrowth. If you want to know more about what we can do for you, including our other tree-care services, reach out to us today through our online message form, or call for a free estimate at (424) 404-8557 now.