LAs Best Tree Service in Los Feliz

LA’s Best Tree Service in Los Feliz offers tree trimming during the winter months. Some homeowners had a misconception that maintaining their trees must only be done in other months. They also thought that our tree company does operate at this time of the year.

They were surprised to know that our tree service is open throughout the year. Our professional arborists perform major pruning work during the winter.

They prune fruit trees, as well, to help in maximizing production of fruits.

Trees enter a state of dormancy during winter. It allows the leaves to fall off. During this time, the trees are taking a rest. But should you trim your trees during this period?

Pruning in this period can offer a lot of benefits.

1. Helps Trees Look Better in Spring

The best time to call tree service in Los Feliz during the colder months is in late winter. It is a great time to prune or rejuvenate shrubs and trees. When the spring season comes, the trees can recover quickly.

LAs Best Tree Service in Los Feliz

2. Prevents the Spread of Disease

Pruning in winter months is also beneficial as it stops the spread of some diseases. These diseases are usually spread during the summer and spring seasons.

With winter pruning, it helps in stopping oak wilt, Dutch elm disease, and cedar hawthorn rust, among others.

Why it is best to prune in winter months to stop the spread of diseases? The reason for this is that the bacteria and other harmful organisms causing diseases in trees are dormant or dead. In that case, the diseases in your trees are less likely to be transferred to another tree.

3. Evaluates Tree Structure

Arborists will have an easier time identifying dead branches during the winter months because the leaves have dropped.

It allows our arborists to determine whether or not the tree requires pruning to keep them safe.

4. Performs Pruning More Efficiently

During winter months, the ground freezes in winter. In that case, it is easier for our pros to bring our heavy equipment without having to damage your property’s landscape.

With that in mind, they can work more efficiently with better outcomes. Our pros can also work faster even in large pruning jobs.

5. Minimizes Stress on Trees

Typically, pruning stimulates new growth. Pruning during winter does not encourage new growth that can only be killed by the cold temperature.

Trimming your trees before buds appear in spring can result in optimum wound closure. It allows the trees to heal properly.

Now that you know the many benefits of tree pruning during winter, you might think that pruning during summer and spring is not a good idea.

The truth is that pruning during those times are still ideal but they provide different benefits from winter pruning.

If you wish to know more about how you can avail of tree service in Los Feliz during the winter months, call our experts today. LA’s Best Tree Service offers a free estimate. Call us today at (855) 223-8733.