trimming in Silverlake for spring

If winter has ended and you start noticing the temperature rises, then you know it is springtime. What does it mean to you as a property owner? It is time for you to get tree trimming in Silverlake for spring maintenance.

Performing some tree maintenance can provide huge benefits to your property. There are ways to allow your trees to survive in spring. Here are some of them.

Perform a Yard Cleanup

Spring tree care maintenance involves a quick yard cleanup. In here, you will have to eliminate tree wraps that you have used in the winter.

Then, it is vital that you clean up the area. Cleaning up the area is vital to prevent any tree diseases to arise.


Mulching is vital to allow trees to survive. It is the process of placing organic material around the trees and spreading them.

These organic materials would include compost and wood chips. This process enriches the soil, thereby, encouraging trees to retain water. It also reduces the growth of weeds.

When mulching, it is vital that you spread the materials in three to ten feet radius. You must also mulch up to three inches deep. Make sure that the mulch does not touch the tree’s base.

Before the springtime comes, it is best that you trim those deciduous plants. The final days or weeks of winter are the best times to trim those trees.

trimming in Silverlake for spring

Late winter is the best time for trimming because the harsh winter conditions are gone but the buds have not begun yet.

Pruning in late winter allows new growth in the coming months.  Then again, when you need to prune your trees, it is ideal that you call and hire a tree trimming Silverlake service.

At LA’s Best Tree Service, we have licensed and insured arborists who can easily identify branches that are still viable.

They will also eliminate those dead branches to prevent them from falling or dropping on someone causing injuries.

Inspect the Trees in Your Property

When you notice that the weather is getting warmer, then it is time for you to call our tree trimming service.

Our professional arborists will make a quick inspection to find any signs of damage or disease. They can help your trees to have a smooth transition from winter to spring.

But what are the signs that you must be aware of?

Hanging branches and hollow trees are just indications that your trees require trimmer.

If they change in the degree of lean, you should schedule an appointment with our arborists. Our professional arborists will also conduct a tree evaluation and give you advice on the best plan for your specific situation.

What Tree Services You Need?

At LA’s Best Tree Service, we offer different types of tree services. If you are not sure what kind of service your trees require, make sure to call our professionals to have an expert consultation.

We provide written or printed estimates to ensure that any agreement we have will be final no matter how long it takes to book your appointment. Contact our tree trimming Silverlake service at (855) 223-8733.