tree trimming Century City

Sometimes, a tree in your garden can get out of hand. It might grow into the neighbor’s property, causing disputes with them, or it might start growing out into the sidewalk, to the point where you could be hit with a fine. Worse, your HOA (or others) might start bugging you about your wild tree, which has now grown so big that it is impossible for you to trim it. In this type of situation, you need to reach out to a service offering residential tree trimming Century City. You need someone who can not only help you to manage your overgrown tree, but a team that has the necessary experience to make sure that your tree is cut back to a manageable level.

Tree Trimming Service In Century City: Removing Dangerous Branches

When we come to trim down your tree, one of the first things that we will do is to make note of any dangerous branches. These are branches which are dead, diseased or damaged, meaning that they could fall away from the tree at any point. If this isn’t dealt with quickly, it could lead to extensive damages and the potential for injury to your family or neighbors. Even more worrying, if the branch intrudes into the street it could pose a serious threat to strangers, and might open you up to lawsuits and even more expenses. If we notice branches like this that pose a risk, we will help you by removing them as soon as possible.

tree trimming Century City

Cutting The Crown

The top of the tree is often a focal point of growth, and in an untrimmed tree this could be quite tall. The heavier the poll of the tree, the more likely it is to make the lower parts unstable, so that a weakened trunk could break and lead to the tree falling onto your house, onto nearby properties, or even into the street. You don’t want to be responsible for the state of the tree if it falls, so you should talk to our teams about cutting down the crown, or very top of the tree. This will stop the upper branches becoming too heavy for the trunk, reducing the risk of the tree falling down. It is a good idea to prevent the tree from growing too high anyway, since it can become unmanageable and looks unattractive in a domestic yard.

Contact Us For Tree Care

To make sure that your trees look good and remain an attractive feature in your garden, you should talk to the experts in residential tree trimming for Century City. LA’s Best Tree Service is here to help you, and to make sure that you don’t have to live with unmanageable trees in your outside space. To find out more about how we can help you to get what you want, reach out to us now by talking to us online, or ask for a free quotation on tree trimming and removal by calling (424) 404-8557 now.