stump grinding in Silverlake

Silverlake is a very popular location with people coming to LA to find work in the media industry. Not far from the famous streets of Hollywood, the area is also covered in parks, lush gardens, and plenty of trees. Sometimes, these gardens can get out of hand, and the trees which should be a complement to the houses can become overgrown, heavy or even dangerous. When you bring in LA’s Best Tree Service to remove your trees, you should also talk to us about our expert stump grinding in Silverlake. With the right tools, we can not only get rid of the problem tree, but also prevent it from throwing up new shoots by removing the root.

Stump Grinding In Silverlake: After Tree Removal

Whether you have hired us to remove the tree ourselves, or had someone from the local government offices get rid of a tree which was overhanging the sidewalk, you will be left with the stump of the tree. This is not only the very lowest part of the tree trunk but is also the root of the tree. This means that there is the potential for the tree to grow back, at least in the form of mini shoots, beginning the whole cycle again. If you are not prepared to let the tree regrow, then you need to make sure that we can help you to get rid of the whole stump. There are several ways that this can be done, including digging out the root from the soil, but perhaps the most effective way to go about it is stump grinding.

stump grinding in Silverlake

Flattening The Ground

When you are left with the remnants of your tree after removal, you may want to consider your options for getting rid of the stump. The most affordable method will be to completely dig up the stump – you could choose to do this by yourself – but it has a number of downsides. The biggest concern: that you will leave a large crater in your yard. If you want to repair the soil, then this might involve buying gravel or other materials as a replacement. As a better alternative, we suggest that you allow us to grind down the stump, taking it down to its lowest level, and destroying the trunk part completely. This allows you to have a flat space where you can pave over the area, or simply put soil on top to create a flowerbed.

Discuss Grinding With Us

When you need help in removing the last remnants of your tree from your garden, you should speak to LA’s Best Tree Service. We are here to help you with all manner of tree-care options, including stump grinding in Silverlake. With more than 40 years’ worth of experience in tree management, we can work out the best option for your needs, and we provide a free estimate as well. To start today, just contact us online using our message form, or call us at (424) 404-8557 now.