palm tree removal in Silver Lake

Palm trees are a familiar sight along many Los Angeles highways, but they are not always welcome, and they may be diseased or even dying. Once a popular tree in LA, and still a very famous sight in many Hollywood films, these trees are now being removed at an increasingly rapid rate. The problem with palm trees is that they are extremely popular not only with the residents of Los Angeles, but also with pests and diseases that are eating up the plants, leaving them as unwanted shells. If you have decided that the time has come to rid of these plants, then you may want our help with specialist palm tree removal in Los Feliz.

An Increasingly Unattractive Tree

When palm trees were first planted, they were welcomed by almost everyone in LA, from all kinds of neighborhoods. They can still be seen in many famous locations around LA, including the LAX airport and Hollywood Boulevard. People sailing in from other California cities can see them waving as they arrive in port, and they are even used by filmmakers as a symbol of the affluent lifestyle of Los Angeles. However, due to problems with a number of invaders, including the palm weevil from South America and the Fusarium fungus, the palm trees are now being destroyed, and homeowners want them removed from their gardens as quickly as possible.

specialist palm tree removal in los feliz

Replacing Palm Trees

In Los Angeles, the palm trees which are being removed are not being replaced by similar trees. Instead, other species are being planted which are intended to give more shade to the ground, and consume considerably less water. The latter is particularly important, as palm trees may take up a lot of water, and in a city like Los Angeles it could be a serious issue in the next few years. By 2050, LA is estimated to be warmer by around five degrees Fahrenheit, which means that there will be more hot days, and considerably less rain. While palm trees are considered to be iconic, with the growing demand for water it is essential that the trees that are planted by the county are better able to offer shade and use up less water. For a hot dry city, palm trees may be the worst plant to have.

Get Rid Of Your Palm Trees with Specialist Palm Tree Removal In Los Feliz

Whether you are worried about the potential for fungus and weevils in your palm trees, or realize that your palm trees offer no protection to the ground and are no help in times of drought, you believe that the time is right for them to go. You might want to consider adding a new tree in their place, but for now the most important thing is to call in specialists in palm tree removal for your Los Feliz residence. You can choose the LA’s best tree service today by choosing to contact us online, or you may call the team at (855) 223-8733 now.