Palm trees are a classic of southern California landscape known worldwide. Anybody around the world will imagine palms, beach and sun when someone mentions this area. This type of trees have an astounding presence in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. However, aside of the California Fan Palm, they are not a native species. Most of the other types of palms have been imported, which makes most of them suffer and require special maintenance.

Palm Trees Removal Silverlake, Los Feliz and Century City

The presence of palm trees in California is due to engineering feats performed by the Los Angeles Department of Power in 1942. And although they’ve become a local classic, as a foreign species they have certain needs to stay healthy. They need plenty of water and care in order not to die. Additionally, it is recommendable to have them skimmed and trimmed annually to prolong their life. Such services can only be performed by professionals.

Palm Tree Skimming

The palm tree skimming service we perform at LA’s Best Tree Services removes the dead fronds and their remains from the palm tree. This service is recommended for those palm trees that get skinned during the spring. Thus, the dead fronds that the tree accumulates during the previous year can insulate it through the colder winter months. Besides, leaving the dead or decaying fronds on the palm can create a nesting for pests, being the most common the yellow jackets and termites. Southern California is also known for its fire hazards, which obviously affect palms and any other trees in the area. Palm tree skimming can help ease wildfires when these events happen.

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