Taking care of your tree’s health can give you and your family a lot of benefits. An adequate pruning can make trees live longer, increment their values and shorten liability problems. In addition, a wrong pruning on your trees can lead them to decay, attracts unwanted pests and may even increase several types of risks.

Lacing and Pruning: are they the same?

Although they are very similar and both are very popular, these tree-trimming methods have slight differences. Lacing is basically a type of pruning. It’s a method to prune trees in such way it helps them receive light and air more effectively through their canopy and crown. It’s also very useful to keep insects away and to keep fast-growing and heavy trees safe.

Lacing removes around 20 to 30% of the tree’s canopy. Pruning, on the other hand, removes more portions of the tree. This method is usually applied on trees that are top heavy or has a fast growing rate. It’s very useful to eliminate crossing, splitting branches and many other problems.

Dead Wooding Trees in Silverlake & Surrounding Areas

Just like any other living being, trees eventually decay after certain time. This produces what is called “deadwood” near the tree’s crown. Dead wooding is a process that removes decayed, dying or ill branches at the top part of a tree. This method is usually applied on trees that carry heavy weights in their canopy. Most of these trees are usually located near public roads, homes, common areas and gardens.

It is recommendable to apply dead wooding at least once a year and hire seasoned experts to do the job. At LA’s Best Tree Services, we have 40 years of experience working with trees and can make dead wooding in such way your trees don’t suffer unwanted removals or harms. Our experts can tell the difference between decayed or sick branches and healthy ones.

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