This is a process that is usually confused with topping, but it’s much more complex than that. Crown and Height reduction are healthy alternatives to wipe out even the most stable tree. It’s ideal for those owners worried about weight distribution, overly dense canopy and light blocking trees.

Crown Thinning in Silverlake, Los Feliz and Century City

Crown thinnings are the removal tertiary branches placed on the highest parts of a tree, also known as “crown.” It helps creating a uniformed density and a more even branch structure. This process allows light to pass through the top of the tree and reach the lower portions of it’s foliage.

LA’s Best Tree Services can provide the most attractive and effective crown reduction by avoiding heading cuts, AKA“tree-topping”, which can be very harmful for your tree. Our drop-crotch pruning leaves the tree’s primary branches in place an oly the tertiary branches are pruned. As a result, the process affects only the tree’s density and its height is not affected. Crown thinning removes approximately 30% of the tree foliage.

Crown Reduction Service

This procedure is usually applied on trees of individual limbs that grow close to buildings or other trees. It’s a type of pruning that reduces the height or spread of the crown or individual limb and is very useful to ease the mechanical stresses that unbalanced trees cause. This results in a preservation of the integrity and framework of the crown, and a reduction of the tree’s canopy only to let more light in. You shouldn’t have all your trees crowns reduced, and it is recommended to have professionals do the job.

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