If there is something that gets in the way when it comes to vegetation in Los Angeles, it is brush. Brush is everywhere in Southern California. It’s the reason for all the fires in the area and the background for every hiking selfie taken in Griffith Park. Since its everywhere, it is usually something that most people will eventually have to deal with when dealing with a new lot or yard. You will probably want to get rid of it, and when the times comes to do that, you will have two options. You can either do it yourself or you can contact a brush clearing service. We strongly recommend the latter.


Brush clearing requires key tools and equipment. These tools have a lot of greenery uses, so there might be some overlap that allows you to already own such equipment. However, if you are a new yard owner or you don’t have much of a green thumb, then it is highly unlikely that you have these gardening tools at hand. Not to mention that these are not the easiest for you to use. And brush removal is not just like mowing your lawn. Brush clearing is hard, and at times it might even call for heavy equipment. You can see why we recommend contacting someone to help you out with the task.


That is what LA’s Best Tree Service is here for. Brush clearing is a hard task to take care of, especially without the proper equipment. However, the team at LA’s Best Tree Service is perfectly qualified and has all of the necessary tools to tackle your brush clearing needs. Be sure to reach out to us now by calling us at (424) 404-8557 or send us an email to info@lasbesttreeservice.com and finally get rid of that pesky brush in your backyard.