In a city such as Los Angeles, where earthquakes and strong winds can be such common occurrences, providing a strong support system to large trees on your property is never a bad idea. Unsupported trees, particularly the older or weakened ones, pose a safety hazard to your home or business if left to their own devices. Even a minor tremor or slightly strong winds can bring a branch or a stem down on your property. A simple tree cabling or tree bracing job can prevent unexpected damages and provide a reliable support system to any tree, helping it survive all sorts of external forces.

tree cabling

Tree cabling consists of extra high strength cables usually made out of steel that are attached to bolts installed near the upper crown of the tree at hand. These reduce the overall movement of the trunk and the larger branches, limiting it to a safe range and preventing potential breaks or falls in the structure. These are not necessarily applicable to any tree and are installed after a careful examination in which the professionals analyze the tree’s structure and the trunk’s strength, determining whether or not these can help the tree in question. 


At LA’s Best Tree Service, we provide such a consultation for free, in which we will promptly deliver an estimate and a plan of action. We want you to feel at peace with the sturdiness and structure of your trees, so there is no harm in contacting us for a free consultation. What might seem to you like an over complicated task is, for us, just another day of work. Once we all agree on the job that needs to be ultimately done, we will promptly show up at your property to carry out the job and ensure all of your expectations are met to your liking.


All of the supplemental support systems that we implement in LA’s Best Tree Service are held up to the industry standards, ensuring quality and reliability. Our customer testimonials speak for themselves. Those who have employed our cabling services across the years have been more than satisfied with the final results. If you are in need of tree cabling services or anything related to such, don’t hesitate to fill out the contact form available on our website or call us at (424) 404-8557. We will provide a free estimate and be there to help you out as soon as you want us to.