Planting trees is easy… if they’re still seeds or saplings. Put who has the patience to nurture a tree for years until it reaches its desired size? When it comes to large trees, as in the ones you are most likely looking for as far as landscaping and yard work go, then it’s much more complicated. If you are in need of safe and reliable tree planting, you might want to speak to the professionals. For over forty years, LA’s Best Tree Service has been working hard to provide expert tree services to the Los Angeles area, whether that entails tree removal, tree trimming, or, yes, tree planting. Whatever the task at hand, we have the team, the tools, and the experience to guarantee the best job possible.

tree planting


Tree planting is not something to be taken lightly. There are many different circumstances under which badly planted trees can put you and your home at risk. Earthquakes, winds, and mudslides can easily make poorly grounded trees fall, making them a safety hazard. That is not something you have to concern yourself when you hire LA’s Best Tree Service, for we are certified experts in this field. We have the best possible tools to properly plant the trees you want in a safe and effective way regardless of type and size. Our completely insured services will reliably deliver the greenery you desire.


In order to determine the extent and scope of our services, we offer free professional consultations so that you can receive an accurate estimate and official agreement for the job to be done. What might seem to you like a larger than life task is, for us, an everyday occurrence. Once everything is agreed to, we will promptly show up at your property to carry out the job and ensure all of your expectations are met to your liking.


Our customer testimonials speak for themselves. Those who have employed our services across the years have been more than satisfied with the final results. Additionally, tree planting is only one of our many services. We actually specialize in all sorts of landscaping and greenery work, delivering an outstanding job whether you need us to remove brush or to trim trees. If you are in need of tree planting services or anything related to such, don’t hesitate to fill out the contact form available on our website or call us at (424) 404-8557. We will provide a free estimate and be there to help you out as soon as you want us to.